Mads Nørgaard x Billig Knipning

The first time I met Ilayah she told me about BilligKnipning where she cuts hair on her friends and then share before and after pictures. Ilayah is a family member to my girlfriend and she grew up at Funen in the middle of Denmark. As a child she lived with her sister Cleo and their parents in an old house a bit north of Odense. She tells me about the garden, how their friends were always welcome, about parties, the old beautiful house and growing up at the countryside.

Now she lives and works in Odense and in her spare time she cuts hair on her friends. Wherever they are. In the backyard, at the school, in a park or at the beach. Sometimes on the street in front of the bar where they party.

When I see the pictures on BilligKnipning I immediately fall in love. It’s youth in it’s purest form. It’s a total acceptance of the imperfections, a love for being different, vitality. Togetherness. A community. It’s hand rolled cigarettes and cheap beers. Maybe it’s my own naive and hopeful idea of growing up outside Copenhagen, maybe it actually is the unspoiled youth we all are longing for. It’s something I wanted to portray the first time I saw them.

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